USA PATRIOT Act Compliance Tools (PAC)

Patriot Act Compliance (PAC) Tools for Gem & Jewelry Dealers

These easy, online wizards help you become compliant with the mandatory US Treasury Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations for Dealers in Precious Metals, Precious Stones, and Jewelry (Finished Goods).

You will complete and document every required step online.

It will take 2-3 hours (or less) totally. There are 12 modules. They take from 1-30 minutes each. You can finish them over several sessions.You can do annual training and AML Program updating, as well.


"Ignoring US AML Regulations is like failing to get a flu shot - the potential fines, penalties and disruption to your business aren't worth the risks. The AML solution is user-friendly, well thought-out, and appropriate to our industry."
- Joseph Khafi, Former Chairman of the Board, Diamond Dealers Club (NY)

AML Compliance is required by law for Diamond and Jewelry Dealers. One of the world's foremost legal authorities has reviewed and endorsed the solution. We're proud to present a no-nonsense, easy, and economical way to get compliant and stay compliant.”
- John W. Moscow, Esq., Partner, Baker & Hostetler, New York (30 Years with NY District Attorney’s Office; Chief of Frauds Bureau 1980-1988; Deputy Chief of Investigations Division 1988-2004; Member, FinCEN Bank Secrecy Act Advisory Group; author: Money Laundering: A View from North America, London School of Economics, 2002; “The War Against Terrorism: What Do Prosecutors Need?,” Richard Pratt ed., 2005)

    1. Click on "Buy a PAC Bundle" in menu above. (The Bundle includes all wizards for complete PAC setup.)
    2. Start taking the exams by clicking "My Sessions" in the menu above.
    3. Click on Take Test ICON  and the wizard will start.
    4. After passing all the tests, click the printer ICON  to print your Customized AML Policy and Certificate of Training.
    5. To train employees separately (or annually), buy the training wizards alone; you do not need the whole PAC Bundle for this.

Affirmation Letters

The PAC Bundle includes three merge-document letters for communication to others regarding your compliance, including:

  • TransGuardian Confirmation of Your Compliance Status
  • Self-Affirmation of Your Compliance Status
  • Compliance Status Query (for you to ask others about their Compliance Status)

Federal Agency Resources

FinCEN Regulatory Help Line (800) 949-2732

Financial Institute Hotline (866) 556-3974

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Hotline (800) 540-6322

FinCEN’s web page for Gem & Jewelry Dealers Click Here.

To report cash transactions over $10,000 use: IRS Form 8300 or FinCEN Form 104 pdf.For filing instructions see IRS Form 8300 Rules or FinCEN Form 104 FAQs.

To report transportation of more than $10,000 in cash into or out of the USA:  FinCEN Form 105.

To report balances in foreign bank accounts, use: TD F 90-22.1 Form.

To use the Suspicious Activity Report (SAR-MSB) Form TD F 90-22.56 use this link: SAR-MSB Form.